Dada Poem Generator

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A digital representation of the Dadaist art technique of pulling random words out of a hat and creating poems. Typically the source in those cases were words cut from print, but for this demonstration I used a list of 100K+ English words.


Random Chaos dada gives each word equal odds of appearing, thus producing the most random output. You can see the full list of words here: AllWords.txt


Random Order dada uses an analysis of how frequent any given words appears throughout a vary large sample of English literature. With words such as 'the,' 'and,' & 'I' appearing more frequently, the output begins to resemble more closely to natural language, but is still very random. See each words frequency here: AllOdds.txt (Values shown are out of 1, so 0.02 = 2%)

import flash.utils.Timer;

var wordCount:int = 7;

slider_sl.addEventListener(Event.CHANGE, sliderChanged);
function sliderChanged(e:Event):void{
	wordCount_ta.text = slider_sl.value.toString();
	wordCount = slider_sl.value;

makeDada_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, makeDadaClick);
function makeDadaClick(e:MouseEvent):void{
	if(chaos_rb.selected == true){
		dadaLand_ta.text = randomChaosDada();
	else if(order_rb.selected == true){
		dadaLand_ta.text = "";
		dadaTimer.repeatCount = wordCount;
		//dadaLand_ta.text = randomOrderDada();

var  wordsLoader:URLLoader  =  new  URLLoader(new  URLRequest("AllWords.txt"));
wordsLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE,  wordsComplete);

var  oddsLoader:URLLoader  =  new  URLLoader(new  URLRequest("AllOdds.txt"));
oddsLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE,  oddsComplete);

var allWordsArr:Array = new Array();
var allWordsArrLength:int = 0;

var allOddsArr:Array = new Array();
var allOddsArrLength:int = 0;

function wordsComplete(e:Event):void
   var txtStr:String = new String(;
   allWordsArr = txtStr.split(String.fromCharCode(13));

   allWordsArrLength = allWordsArr.length-1;

function oddsComplete(e:Event):void
  // trace(;
   var txtStr:String = new String(;
   allOddsArr = txtStr.split(String.fromCharCode(13));
   allOddsArrLength = allOddsArr.length-1;

function arrToNumber(ii:int):Number
	return allOddsArr[ii].toString().slice(1,int.MAX_VALUE-1);

function arrToString(iii:int):String
	return allWordsArr[iii].toString().slice(1,int.MAX_VALUE-1);

function randomWord():String
	return arrToString(Math.random()*allWordsArrLength);

function randomOddsWord():String
	var rng:Number;
		rng = Math.random();
	var str:String = new String();
	for(var i:int=0;i=1){
			str = arrToString(i);
			i = allWordsArrLength;
	return str;

function randomChaosDada():String{
	var str:String = new String();
	for (var i:int=0;i