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Languages - Language, written and spoken, has evolved alongside humanity and therefore many similarities between languages exist, especially those that are geographically located closer. What if such similarities could be leveraged to teach people a new language from the same or closely related language family? Such as teaching Greeks how to read & speak Russian?

Gaming & Casino Gaming - The mechanics and underlying principles of casino games are being applied to non-casino games such as mobile phone games - and vice versa. What makes casino games so addictive and how can those same mechanics be used for educational purposes, like teaching childen math & science or teaching adults new languages?

Education - Accepting and remembering new knowledge efficiently is one of the minds greatest mystery. Especially learning languages as one gets older. Why does the mind become so rigid and unwelcoming to new knowledge as we age? How can we reverse this?

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Conclusion from Exploration of Ideas

The first realization I had during the card sorting exercise is that I simply have too many ideas I would like to pursue, some of which I didn't even have the chance to record. However, there are ideas that have always been at the top of my mind. Once I put it all on paper, I was able to see that the top 3 are closely related and all have applications to one another. In short, my main idea is a language learning tool that uses language similarities and gaming, particularly casino gaming, mechanics such as cards, slots, and other presentations of randomness.

Three Step Formula

  1. Topic: I am researching the evolution of languages and language families
  2. Question: because I want to find out the similarities of different languages
  3. Significance: in order to help my students learn a new language easier by leveraging what they already know.

  1. Topic: I am studying what makes games, especially casino games, so addictive
  2. Question: because I want to understand what makes the human brain compulsively seek out rewards
  3. Significance: in order to help my students remain engaged and motivated in their studies.

  1. Topic: I am studying how people from different age groups learn differently
  2. Question: because I want to understand what works and what doesn't
  3. Significance: in order to tailor my educational tools according to the audience.

Critical Reading and Writing (In progress)


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Process #2

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Language Teaching Karaoke Final Prototypes

Greek - "An Eisai Ena Asteri" by Nikos Vertis

Russian - "Nas Ne Dogonyat" by TaTu

Lyric Data Hosted and Downloaded from Google Sheets

Database for the Greek Song

Database for the Russian Song

Final Presentation Notes



This project matters because we live in an increasingly global world and foreign language fluency is an asset more valuable now than ever before.

Furthermore, it highlights how there is more in common between cultures than one may be think, ultimately breaking barriers and uniting people of the world with the gift of MUSIC.


For my current project, I used p5.js to build the prototype with the intention of eventually porting it to a full stack javascript website. p5 seems to quickly eat up all my RAM and frequently crashes my computer so it is not a long term solution.

I am using Google Sheets as my ‘backend database’ to pull JSON data but the production version will need a fully capable database and CMS complete with security in order to support the kind of features I envision.

In short, I sync a single lyric line in 3 different language formats to the current time of the video and allow the lyrics to play along with the music video. There are also controls to navigate to the next or previous line. An optional webcam feature is available to help build confidence and as a exploration into my live online karaoke party room idea.


This project is intended for Adult speakers of the Indo-European family of languages looking to develop skills in another Indo-European language.

For future iterations, the project will support a larger variety of language families and enable one to learn languages within and across families.

Images & animations made with code

Creative Coding at NYU School of Engineering

Project details with interactive examples are posted to

Project repositories are available on GitHub

Lottery utility application

Mobile iOS Programming at NYU School of Engineering

Final project repo is available on GitHub

Prototypes for lottery utility application

Mobile iOS Programming at NYU School of Engineering

Interactive prototype

World Languages Bridge

Data Visualization at NYU School of Engineering

NYU DataVis midterm project exploring the common words across 8 major languages

Bunny Money

One Belarusian Ruble

Major Locations Live & Historical Temperature

Data Visualization at NYU School of Engineering

NYU DataVis final project exploring temperature variance of key world locations

Neill Chua :D
Patrick Moraitis ;]

Multilingual Fruits

Interactive language learning using Makey Makey kit & real fruits

Dark Side of the Moon

Code-driven animation of the iconic 'Dark Side of the Moon' album art

Dada Poem Generator

Random & semi-randomly generated dada poems using all English words and their frequencies

Card Shuffler

Randomly shuffle a standard deck of 52 playings cards

25 Lines Flash Piano

Piano written using only 25 lines of code

Ball Toss Game

Toss the ball around as hard you can! Get points for each time the ball bounces off the wall

King of Diamonds

Code-driven hue shifting animation

Digital Classical Metronome

A digital version of a classical metronome using images and sounds sourced directly from the physical object

Black Rabbit Hole

Desktop wallpaper. Get the full 1920x1080 version here

Alphabet Tree

A short animated .gif using only keyboard characters

My American Heritage

Greek & Brazilian :)

Guitar is Life

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